The National School Boards Association’s domestic terrorist debacle

Many people are under the impression the National School Boards Association, the entity that sent a missive to the White House declaring the actions of engaged and concerned parents should be considered domestic terrorists and hate crimes, has retracted its letter and apologized.

In reality, the NSBA‘s reaction to the wave of outrage following its open letter smearing parents across the country was simply a distraction. Once a totalitarian genie-like is out of the bottle, it’s not going back in without a fight. 

The apology memo was sent the day after the Washington Free Beacon released internal emails revealing what appears to be the NSBA colluding with the Biden administration for weeks before delivering the letter to the White House. Viola Garcia, the president of the NSBA, and Chip Slaven, the CEO, had been “in talks over the last several weeks with White House staff” which requested “additional information,” and had been “engaged with the White House and the Education Department for several weeks,” about the issue, the Free Beacon reported.

We now know the “domestic terrorism” letter resulted from conversations between the NSBA and the Biden administration. This means the White House knew of this letter and its smearing of American moms and dads and approved its delivery to the Department of Justice, which acted within a week establishing a task force to save the nation from the newly minted Maniac Hate Criming Terrorist Parents. 

Still, a big question remains: Who precisely at the White House solicited the NSBA to provide this letter? The American people have a right to know who developed such a nefarious goal as politically weaponizing federal law enforcement against the local political and social activities of American parents.

It doesn’t take years of seminars at an academy to know exactly what happened. The Biden administration, like the nation, noticed the impact and power of regular parents speaking against critical race theory and other leftist woke garbage being promoted by their local school boards. This put a crimp in the Democrat agenda, teaching America’s children to judge people by their skin color, hate this nation and not trust their parents, all leading them to a ruinous future. Parents stepped forward, and that was unacceptable. 

As a former “community organizer” for the left, I can attest this sort of collusion between social justice groups and the federal government is par for the course. Much of the leftist agenda is moved along via lawsuit settlements and the establishment of task forces to address accusations in letters or press conferences accusing a city or the country of wrongdoing. It’s outrage theatre providing a key for what would normally be a constitutionally locked door.  

While NSBA leadership cited media attention in the pseudo-apology to the state affiliates for the debacle, it also came on the heels of affiliates expressing their outrage that they were not consulted about the letter. The Washington Times reports, “The apology came after nearly 20 state school board associations moved to cut ties or distance themselves from the NSBA over its call for a federal response into actions that ‘could be the equivalent to a form of domestic terrorism and hate crimes.’” 

Moreover, the National Review headline announced more fallout: the “Ohio, Missouri, Pennsylvania School Board Groups Leave National Association over Letter Likening Parents to Domestic Terrorists.” More, no doubt will follow.  

Reports are that neither the NSBA board of directors nor any of their affiliates were involved in crafting the original letter. Strange, one would think, for the leadership of a national organization to ignore every part of its organization when doing something this dramatic, which would inevitably make national news.  

But ignoring their group in the process makes perfect sense if leadership was actually working to further the agenda of an entity other than the NSBA. If it’s determined that they were tasked by the Biden White House to be a ‘false front’ for this little project, perhaps they felt beholden to a … higher power.  

Ms. Garcia, the person who signed the now-infamous Sept. 29th letter triggering the DOJ to establish its terrorist parents “task force” on Oct. 4th, was appointed on Oct.13th by the Biden administration to the National Assessment Governing Board.

Its website explains it “is the largest continuing and nationally representative assessment of what our nation’s students know and can do in subjects such as mathematics, reading, science, and writing.” That’s a nice thank you. The “apology” letter to NSBA affiliates was sent a little more than a week later, on Oct. 22nd.  

Mission accomplished! Or maybe not. 

What we know now suggests strongly the NSBA letter was a ruse facilitated by the White House to give the DOJ a cover story to weaponize law enforcement against perceived political opponents. This is obscene and must not stand.

Attorney General Merrick Garland should step down, but he won’t. Anyone who went along with this sick charade has lost their moral compass. The task force itself is the disgraceful product of a likely fraud and should be immediately dissolved. Congressional GOP leadership must focus and do everything in its power to smash this repugnant scheme.  

• Tammy Bruce, the author, host at Fox Nation, and contributor at Fox News, is a radio talk-show host.

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