Vertex Consulting Group – Revolutionizing The Industry

Published on: 17th April, 2023.
Written By: David Thompson

Always reflecting on the up-and-coming leaders of the industry, we had a chance to connect with Vertex Consulting Group on their methodology, ethos, and results. After digging further into their company identity, their slogan, “innovative and quality solutions,” is by far an understatement of what they are capable of. With a 4.5 / 5 TrustPilot rating based on a hundred reviews, Vertex Consulting Group is one of the most promising agencies, or ‘power houses’ as they call it, of the latest generation. Read on to learn more about Vertex. 

The History of Vertex 

Let’s backtrack a bit – Vertex Consulting Group was initially founded in 2020 in Denmark by a merger of several other agencies based out of Europe and The United States. This global context has allowed Vertex to retain its unique point of view 

When the previous firms merged and Vertex Consulting Group was created, the founders of the old firms covered each segment of their previous specialties in this new powerhouse. The secret behind their success could be their incredible resume, featuring consistency and clarity in their vast amount of previous project experience. For example, we learned every senior partner has at least six years of experience in their respective field which obviously creates a decent foundation for building an empire of success. With an experienced team, Vertex has been able to pivot their individual talents into a cohesive picture

Vertex Today

In particular, we found Vertex’s unique approach to their TikTok campaigns to stand out. What we are privy to witnessing here is the remodeling of influencer marketing as we know it. They reinvented the regular ads strategy by adding several elements from manual scraping. This is on top of the different aspect of targeting; the reach stays the same as in any other ad, but the specific targeting or the type of people that see their ads are much more likely to find it interesting. After looking further into Vertex’s behind the scenes, we are seeing an interest and a click rate with up to 500% higher than before they implemented their own strategies to the manual targeting. In an industry that is constantly shifting and where consultants can find it difficult to stay afloat, Vertex, with their singular strategy seems to ride the wave. 

All in all, what Vertex Consulting Group is accomplishing is revolutionary for the industry. It eliminates the old school ‘follow – unfollow’ alongside with other methods by outnumbering it by far, while making it far easier to navigate. The results their TikTok campaigns has had on their clients are beyond incredible. Several have expressed the belief that “This is the best service for any creator! Shout out everyone at Vertex!” and “This is definitely THE best investment I’ve ever made for my career” proving that the right investment for up-and-coming creators can make all the difference.

Vertex navigates the industry with grace. It is safe to say that Vertex Consulting Group elevates their creators careers on an incredible level.