Transfer USDT on WhatsApp Without Any Gas Fees


In a bold move that mirrors Telegram’s recent successful launch of their Wallet, WhatsApp’s 3.03 billion users can now seamlessly send and receive USDT through WhatsApp without fees through a beta service launched by tech startup TeekPay. This innovation could reshape how cryptocurrency transactions are conducted, but it also raises significant questions about the long-term viability and broader implications of integrating financial services into popular messaging platforms.

Telegram’s Wallet, which was celebrated for its ease of use and security features, set a high bar. However, TeekPay’s new beta service, enabling the first-ever WhatsApp wallet that ties a wallet directly to your WhatsApp number, promises to be a game-changer. Leveraging delegated gas fees, users can send and receive USDT over TRC20 without needing any Tron for gas fees. This is a remarkable leap, allowing for seamless, zero-fee transactions, even for micro-transactions as small as 0.01 USDT.

Sending a USDT payment is as simple as typing “Send Name 10 USDT” into WhatsApp. Requesting is the same, just replace Send with Request and typing CMD gives you a list of commands. The system does not reveal users numbers to each other but rather gives you a handle which is useful but it does allow anyone to send or request USDT from anyone on WhatsApp.

TeekPay’s CEO, Abdul Alim, who previously won an award from Her Majesty the Queen of England in 2016 for his work on facial fingerprinting technologies for identity management, spearheads this innovative venture. “We wanted to make it simple for users to send and receive crypto directly within WhatsApp without needing to download any other app,” says Alim. “By integrating with a platform people already use daily, we aim to bring cryptocurrency to the masses in a convenient and secure way and eliminate gas fees.”

The technology underpinning TeekPay’s WhatsApp wallet is not only fascinating but also addresses several critical pain points in the current crypto ecosystem. One standout feature is the integration of facial fingerprinting with private key management. This means users can recover their crypto assets if they lose access to their device, WhatsApp account, or phone number. The recovery process involves a liveness check of the user’s face and a PIN, adding a robust layer of security and convenience.

Furthermore, TeekPay offers a dispute resolution mechanism for payments, simplifying e-commerce and protecting users from potential fraud—a significant improvement over many existing crypto wallets and merchants which leave users unprotected. Additionally, the platform includes a thoughtful feature for digital inheritance, allowing users to set rules for distributing their crypto assets in case of death or disappearance. The system will attempt to contact the user through their given platforms, and if there is no response within a user specified period, the assets will be distributed according to the user’s pre-set instructions to other users of the TeekPay ecosystem. Other interesting features include automatically making daily, weekly or monthly payments to companies and individuals effortlessly and a decoy pin to prevent extortion.

Early investors in TeekPay include notable figures such as Roger Ver of and Omar Rahim, the former Director of Binance MENA. Their involvement underscores the significant potential seen in this ambitious project.

While these features are undoubtedly impressive, there are looming questions about the broader implications and feasibility of this venture. WhatsApp’s integration with cryptocurrency services like TeekPay raises concerns about privacy, security, and regulatory compliance. The massive user base of WhatsApp makes it an attractive target for cybercriminals, and ensuring the safety of financial transactions on such a platform is a daunting challenge.

Moreover, TeekPay’s business model, which relies primarily on the spread between buying and selling USDT, appears fragile. Scaling this model to profitability, especially in the highly competitive and volatile crypto market, will be a formidable task. The company’s strategy to market this service to the masses remains unclear, adding another layer of uncertainty.

TeekPay’s Beta WhatsApp wallet represents a significant step forward in the evolution of cryptocurrency transactions, offering innovative solutions to longstanding issues. However, the challenges ahead are substantial, and it remains to be seen whether this bold venture can navigate the complexities of the crypto and financial landscapes while maintaining user trust and regulatory compliance. Could TeekPay be the gateway for the next billion? Probably not, as they’re only accepting 50,000 users during this beta launch.

Visit to see the platform in action while registrations are still open.