The Machines Picks – Top Handicapping Service in the Industry

The Machines Picks are one of the most well-known and successful sports handicapping services in the industry.

If you are serious about sports betting, then The Machines Picks is a must-follow! The Machines Picks handicapping service started 20 years ago, but their debut on social media was in 2011 on Twitter with the handle @MachinesPicks. Initially, all picks were free so that everyone had the opportunity to see The Machine’s success firsthand. All followers were winning and winning big following along! As the company expanded and their following exploded, membership fees began to be charged as the business became too big to run for free any longer.

The formula that is used in their sports handicapping process was never fully revealed, however, there are dozens of tools used to ensure success. In addition to the pure numbers, a wide array of trends and intangibles are used to make picks. Since we’ve been tracking all stats in 2019 – the numbers simply don’t lie! Each year The Machine returned over $150,000 of profit to their members! The Machines Picks are simply the best at what they do, and their followers testimonials are additional proof that they are professionals who consistently provide excellent results.  

When it comes to sports betting profitably, it is vital to have an edge over the average Joe. This is what The Machines Picks gives you in addition to bankroll management tips to maximize profits. Sports bettors stay committed to The Machine Picks because they have a high win across all sports as they have proven year after year.

Profitable Service

For The Machine, it is not only about helping their members profit, but it’s also about giving back to all their social media followers. The Machines Picks are consistent with making weekly releases of free picks to their followers to help newcomers get a feel for the winning picks that are provided to members. While a couple of free picks are given each week to all followers, paid members of The Machines Picks to receive an email with multiple picks daily.

Why The Machine Picks?

When working with a sport handicapper what’s important is the value they place on ensuring their customers can see a return on their investment. When you go with The Machines Picks, you are going with a proven, established winner in the sports handicapping world.

Follow The Machines Picks free picks, reach out to any of the 10,000+ customer testimonials displayed on Twitter and become a full-time Member to start receiving daily winners emailed to you daily!