The Brands History with Virtual Stylists

This might not come to you as a shock, but Al Grandé Boutique was one of the online clothing brands that got its come-up during the 2020 pandemic. This boutique, going by the username @algrandeboutique on Instagram, got attention by posting virtual outfits daily on Instagram. And now, they have managed to gain over 80k followers on the Instagram app. Al Grandé Boutique started working with a lot of small virtual stylists at the time by having them create virtual outfits for them to post on the daily. This company saw potential in those stylists and it all paid off in the end. The Instagram algorithm would massively push these virtual outfits to a lot of its users. This brand, along with its virtual stylists is still dominating the virtual styling niche on Instagram today.
Al Grandé Boutique then noticed that a lot of their followers would often leave comments about outfit requests under the brand’s Instagram posts. Their followers would also ask for advice on how to style certain items. After some talk with their virtual stylists, Al Grandé made a decision that would change the clothing boutique styling game forever.

Personal Styling Service

In collaboration with Al Grandé Boutique on Instagram, virtual stylists have launched a service exclusively for Al Grandé. Shoppers there had the opportunity to hire a stylist to make them an outfit using whatever they bought as well as offering some outfit inspiration. As far as I had seen, no other shop has had that service offered. It helps spread the brand’s image and positivity.

How does it go?

So, the shopper buys something from the shop, they hire whatever stylist they want that is in collaboration with the shop. This stylist would help them style the piece of clothing with the clothing they have in their closet. This offer is pretty affordable for all.

  1. The customer visits the shop’s website and clicks the ‘’shop collab’’ option in the menu.
  2. The customer clicks ‘’Al Grandé x Virtual Stylists.’’
  3. The service must be added to the cart.
  4. Once the purchase has been completed, Al Grandé Boutique will send the customer an email with the information needed. Customers will have to fill in the blanks of the information the stylists will need.
  5. Once that is done, the customer must reply to the email sent.
  6. Once Al Grandé Boutique receives the email, the customer will need to wait for 24-48 hours for a reply from one of our stylists.
  7. The reply will contain the outfit(s), an image of the outfit(s), Links to get the items ne eded to get that outfit, and the stylist’s explanation of how the outfit was made.

Example of how an Al Grandé Boutique stylist, StylebyaRose, styled Al Grandé Boutique viral flare ripped jeans for a customer who booked the virtual styling service:


All in all, Al Grandé Boutique is a popular shop loved by its followers and has gained quite a good reputation in the gram. It has helped a lot of people find their style through the variety of clothing styles that are offered on the website. You can find preppy, casual, street style, alternative, goth, and many more. The shop’s mission is to spread positivity and “Love yourself” vibes by offering its customers a lot of services and inclusivity.