The Best New Ski Apps to Maximize Your Performance on the Slopes

SKI APPS have long offered basic features like trail guides and snow conditions. But the latest tech can help you navigate smarter routes through untouched terrain, alert you of icy conditions on the black-diamond run you’re headed toward and provide a 360 degree satellite playback of your day. “Apps have changed everything. As long as your phone works, you know exactly where you are and where you’ve been,” said Tom Bennett, a Jackson, Wyo., ski guide.

For Pre-Ski Planning

Before heading out in search of fresh powder, consult the new OnX Backcountry app to plan a safer, more rewarding route through unknown backcountry terrain. While the tech won’t eliminate risk, it will help skiers and snowboarders better understand—and avoid—dangers like avalanche-prone areas or cliff zones. Just zoom in on the app’s detailed satellite imagery to investigate the territory you’re considering. Colored layers indicate slope angle and aspect. Plus, the app can connect to localized mountain-weather reports and avalanche centers for current snow stability ratings. The app also highlights popular ski tours in your area and adds brief, guidebook-like notes—though we would have liked to see what other skiers have to say about the routes. $30 annually,