Some Twitter Power Users Try Business Casual on LinkedIn

Some power users of Twitter are bringing the one-liners and hot takes to their professional network on LinkedIn. Or at least, they are trying to.

Numerous Twitter users, celebrity and otherwise, say they are unenthused about what they view as turbulence after Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover. Mr. Musk has overseen

sweeping layoffs, revamped Twitter’s verification service and loosened content-moderation guidelines. He has also reinstated some suspended accounts, including Kanye West’s, who was banned once again after the musician and designer who goes by Ye posted a swastika in a tweet. Some Twitter users are seeking refuge on upstart social sites such as Mastodon and Hive. Others are moving their online commentary to LinkedIn, Microsoft‘s career-networking site, where they might have a large following already and feel the quality of interactions is better at the moment.

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