Linda Washington believing in love and life again through her music

Springfield Massachusetts woman mother of four who is a recording artist with her new single called Forever Ft superstar Lamar and a published author of her new book coming out called (Breathe) and Entrepreneur Linda Washington is launching her new talk show called.

Linda Washington has been very vocal on her experience after breast cancer. How she was broken and belittled and beaten because she told the wrong person she was a breast cancer survivor. She took what she’s been through and became a voice for other survivors that they are not alone and they don’t have to live in silence anymore.

Linda has been published in three of the worlds most prestigious magazines called Forbes magazine GQ magazine and New York weekly magazine. Linda wants other survivors to not let anyone make them feel Forgotten, overlooked, rejected, broken, exhausted and scared..What Linda is doing is nothing but amazing.

Look out for Linda Washington’s new Talk Show coming soon..

“I would like to see myself in Love and happiness and know I helped others not to give up on living and loving again. I only have one angle for my articles and that is that my message has reached as many people that have been through the same thing I’ve been through and after reading my articles they would get inspiration and know that there is life after breast cancer. And you could find the love and life you have been dreaming about and never stop believing in yourself. You are a warrior. Remember that”.

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