JG Carrasco Ramírez, CEO of Quarks Advantage | The Mind Behind Democratizing Strategic Planning for Small Businesses

We went after José Gabriel Carrasco Ramírez, promoter of Quarks Advantage and pioneer in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship. His dedication to empowering small businesses led to the creation of an innovative platform, streamlining strategic planning and making it accessible to startups.

José Gabriel Carrasco Ramírez was recognized by the NJEDA for founding Quarks Advantage, through the New Jersey Economic Development Authority (NJEDA) Innovation Fellows Program. The NJIF, a first-of-its-kind initiative, is designed to help first-time entrepreneurs, minorities, and women gain access to the resources and mentorship they need to start and grow successful businesses.

Quarks Advantage earned a spot among the 10 winning teams selected for the prestigious NJEDA Innovation Fellows Program Awards.


José Gabriel Carrasco Ramírez conceived and led this innovation project, employing his proprietary methodology, the CR Model, and integrating advanced artificial intelligence tools. This project aims to analyze the behavior of newly established businesses and develop improvement plans tailored to individual needs, providing a comprehensive roadmap to success.

For example, the CR Model takes into account factors such as industry trends, economic forces, and customer needs. The project also recognizes the importance of human capital alongside AI implementation.

Quarks Advantage is now developing an all-inclusive digital platform with convenient applications that help small businesses improve their existing models and increase their chances of long-term success. In addition, aspiring entrepreneurs receive training, resources, and ongoing support to ensure that businesses can successfully implement and take full advantage of AI solutions.

This unique strategy will help hundreds of small businesses increase their profits and become more competitive.

Small Businesses: What’s Holding Them Back

JG Carrasco Ramírez came up with the idea for his project during research for his article “Struggling Small Business in the US.” Around 31.7 million small businesses form the backbone of the American economy, creating jobs and innovating to improve the quality of life for Americans. According to the United States Census Bureau, 20% of new businesses fail within their first year and 50% fail within their fifth year. That means at least 2.5 million small businesses are falling down every year in the United States.

Carrasco Ramírez research found that most newly established businesses primarily fail because they lack adequate strategic planning.

JG Carrasco Ramírez proposes a three-phase framework, aka the “S-Cubed Process,” designed to help aspiring businesses navigate the critical early stages and avoid common pitfalls.

The framework encompasses the Spark Moment, the Strategic Moment, and the Start Moment. While the initial spark of inspiration is essential for any business venture, it often leads founders to bypass crucial strategic planning and jump prematurely to execution (the “Start Moment”). This lack of strategic groundwork leaves young companies vulnerable during the inevitable challenges that arise in the early stages. Unfortunately, for most small businesses, securing the necessary strategic support is difficult due to financial constraints.

That’s where Quarks Advantage comes in. A pioneering digital consulting firm that aims to make strategic planning accessible to small businesses across the United States. They provide a comprehensive suite of services, from consulting to execution, to help businesses maximize their potential.

However, the question arises: how exactly is Quarks Advantage carrying out its mission to democratize strategic planning for small businesses?

Quarks Advantage is on a mission to democratize strategic planning for small businesses. This means making sophisticated planning tools and frameworks accessible and affordable, empowering them to compete effectively in today’s dynamic market.

The platform employs the Systemic Model of Strategic Planning, specifically crafted to provide an advanced framework that enhances organizational strategic decision-making, adaptability, and sustained success. The model integrates organizational, economic, and operating considerations to provide decision-makers with a well-rounded picture that enables businesses to navigate change and overcome challenges.

Quarks Advantage emphasizes the Systemic Model of Strategic Planning beyond theory by employing a data-driven and practical approach to address various business challenges. The platform aims to provide a roadmap to help small businesses become more agile and better equipped to respond to changing market conditions. It also allows companies to anticipate risks and respond accordingly, ensuring that they are prepared for any eventuality.

Getting to Know José Gabriel Carrasco Ramírez

It takes great vision and extraordinary talent to be a man like José Gabriel Carrasco Ramírez. A qualified lawyer with a Master’s degree in International Law and International Relations, he’s currently pursuing his PhD in the same field. This deep understanding of global dynamics informs his strategic vision.

However, José Gabriel’s brilliance extends beyond legal frameworks. His fascination with technology began at the tender age of 14. As a result of his insatiable curiosity, he developed his own skills in programming, system design, and project planning. He eventually founded his own tech company, which has now become one of the most successful in the industry.

Today, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming a transformative force with the potential to profoundly reshape society. Its real-world applications span diverse sectors, including healthcare, education, business, and beyond.

José Gabriel firmly believes that AI has the potential to transform almost every aspect of our lives, especially how we interact with technology. He is actively working to create AI-driven solutions to real-world problems.

Among his most groundbreaking achievements is the creation of an innovative platform for newly established businesses called Quarks Advantage. This platform incorporates advanced artificial intelligence solutions to overcome challenges and unlock businesses’ potential.