How 16 Year Old High School Student Bastian Foelske Makes $50,000 Profit Per Month Dropshipping

Bastian Foelske is a 16 year old high school student from Atlanta, Georgia. With Bastian coming from a middle-class family, Foelske learned about the building of wealth at an early age. Bastian, who was fourteen years old at the time, discovered that people could make money by using the internet. He has already made over 6 figures with his multiple eCommerce businesses as a 16-year-old, all using the dropshipping process. While the typical 15 year old spends their free time playing video games and watching Netflix. Bastian on the other hand has chosen a different path. The young entrepreneur used his free time to start his own business in the eCommerce world. He can now live financially free by his sources and products to create brands online only using his own methods. 

Next Era Ecom is the name of his consulting firm, and he claims that he came up with the name 2 years ago when he started his Dropshipping Path. He was able to earn $1000 solely from this small business. He currently generates  30k Р40k a month just as his business grows and expands. Bastian says that although he welcomes new clients, he will guide them even if they are not willing to put in the necessary effort.

With the idea of working a regular 9-to-5, so it’s no wonder many of them, unlike the generations before, have come up with innovative ways to support themselves. Bastian said,”a factor to my success at a young age is experiencing being rich and poor. It gave me two perspThe truth is that Gen Zers like Bastian are increasingly becoming disillusioned ectives on life.” This played a pivotal role for the young entrepreneur as he was truly able to understand the value of money from both sides.

With this upbringing, Bastian Foelske had the drive and motivation to found his business. He mainly focuses on dropshipping and eCommerce, selling a range of different products all over the world. He has amassed a whopping 6 figures with a store he claims to have on autopilot generating passive income. With this automated system, Foelske is able to work from his phone allowing him to enjoy any moment due to his self created schedule.

Even with this system built, Foelske still puts in the effort to train his peers through his mentorship program. He does this by teaching them about dropshipping and how to set up their own dropshipping stores. Currently, Bastian is coaching 600 students on his methods and that number is projected to increase by the end of the year.

Even after going from zero to six figures, Foelske still continues to work just as hard as he continues to scale his eCommerce business. On top of this, the 16-year-old gives back to his community as he continues to train 600 students through his mentorship program.

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