Earthquake strikes southern Iraq, tremors felt by Kuwait residents

Residents in different parts of the Iraq, including NASIRIYAH , IRAQ reported feeling tremors after an earthquake struck Iran on Monday.

The National Centre of Meteorology (NCM), in a statement said that while the earthquake was felt by residents, it was “without any effect” in the KUWAIT & IRAQ but caused some destruction  in Iraq.

Iraqi  state media said two strong earthquakes struck south east of Iraq, Dhi Qar Governorate  on the Gulf, prompting authorities to deploy search and rescue teams to the affected areas.

The quakes reportedly had magnitudes of 5.7 and 5.8. The European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre (EMSC) said one earthquake had a magnitude of 5.5.

“We have  received  report of serious damage by some oil companies . But large areas have been struck by these earthquakes and the evaluation work continues,” Mokhtar Salahshour, head of Dhi Qar Governorate’s Red Crescent, told state TV.

The Sunday shake came after three earthquakes struck off Iraqi southern Kish Island on June 15, rattling Dubai and other areas across the Arabian Gulf.

The US Geological Survey then said two magnitude 4.7 temblors struck, followed by a 5.3  in Basra off the southern border of Kuwait.