E-Com+, Revolutionizing The Industry Of Dropshipping

Due to the arising amount of online shoppers post COVID-19, migrating from physical stores to online webshops has never been more relevant for business owners than it currently is.

E-Com+, gives the opportunity for people, with or without experience, to receive pre-constructed and unique dropshipping webshops with multiple products that sell to customers based out of The United States or Scandinavia, Europe depending on their preference and region.

What’s impressive about E-Com+ is that their dropshipping webshops don’t just come with multiple ‘winning products,’ but furthermore a verified supplier that takes care of everything from A-Z when it comes to the deliverables. It leaves the new owner of his / her exclusive dropshipping webshop with the sole task of handling the online advertising in order to generate sales – which E-Com+ also got covered.

When enrolling as a client, after you receive the functional dropshipping webshop, they attach an E-Commerce expert to help, guide and work with you on a daily basis to secure you’re getting the ideal launch and hereby are able to drive sales toward your webshop.

As they state themselves: ‘’We build the business – together, we create the results.’’

With the high-quality service and proven records, Silicon Valley Times named E- Com+ as one of the Top 10 Fastest Growing Companies in their industry, and today, we’re thrilled to welcome Jordan Bradley, the official spokesperson of Capital International LLC, which is the mother company and official owner of E- Com+, to our media.

This exclusive interview is filled with insights and valuable information for our audience looking to run a successful dropshipping business.

1. Hello Jordan, can you please tell us about E-Com+?

First and foremost, E-Com+ is owned, among a variety of other businesses, by Capital International LLC whose history goes way back as a venture capital firm putting muscle behind concepts they develop and believe in.

Now, more specifically in regard to your question, E-Com+ is an industry-leading consultancy business that has been specializing in unique pre-constructed dropshipping webshops for years. The vision is entirely to enroll people with the ambition of becoming successful owners of their own dropshipping businesses, regardless of their experience.

More specifically, E-Com+ provides:

  • Pre-constructed dropshipping webshops hosting at least 20 winning products
  • Sealed supplier agreements that take care of everything from A-Z in regard to the deliverables
  • Two user-friendly courses, an E-Commerce- and Marketing course of 30 minutes each, addressing the specifics of Shopify’s back-end, how to signal the orders from your customers to your supplier and the overall marketing strategy through Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.
  • Out of the 10 E-Commerce experts working with us, you will have one of them attached to your project who will guide, support, help and work closely with you every single day to ensure the success of your dropshipping webshop. All of our E-Commerce experts have personal experience within the field and still run their own dropshipping webshops on the side of their job at E-Com+ which of course is a necessity in order to make them qualified for the job.

We’re here to help people get success with their dropshipping businesses and do not stop until we get there with every single client.

2. That’s great to hear, Jordan. How

are the clients’ webshops currently performing?

The average revenue on a monthly basis across all of our clients’ dropshipping webshops, is a little more than $25,000 USD. The average profit of that is around 25% – 50% depending on the specific products and niches.

We are currently working on E-Com+ 2.0 by expanding our concept and deliverables, more specifically I can tell you now that we’re going to launch our own app where all communication will be happening between the clients and their personal E-Commerce experts alongside multiple other features for our clients to utilize.

3. What are 3 tips you can share with our readers as it relates to your industry?

TIP 1. Success is when hard work meets opportunity

Everyone has probably heard of the ‘Work smarter not harder’ phrase, which we still believe is true, to a certain point at least. However, we also do believe that success happens when hard work meets opportunity. If you work hard and never look back, success is inbound sooner rather than later.

TIP 2. Work with the right people

Throughout our years as a venture capital firm in Capital International LLC, we have seen quite an amount of businesses and talked to quite an amount of entrepreneurs. What we see being one of the main reasons why the majority of these entrepreneurs are yet to achieve success, is simply because they work with the wrong people. Old friends, girlfriends, boyfriends or relatives. The thought is nice but the execution is not ideal. Work with the right people. Work with professionals that can take you to the next level. It’s one of the major factors in becoming successful.

TIP 3. Never give up

Quite a cliche, we know, but as the saying goes: ‘’You only fail once you give up – up until that point, you are simply learning.’’

We couldn’t believe in anything more than this. Even when looking at our clients’ performances and mindsets, the ones sharing this mantra are the ones having success. To keep it short – never give up.

4. Great tips, Jordan. We have

many business owners and entrepreneurs in our audience who might be looking to run their own dropshipping businesses. How can they reach E-Com+?

If anyone is ambitious and interested, they can simply go to our website, e- complus.io, fill out our contact form or contact us directly through the WhatsApp widget where our dedicated team is ready to help around the clock.

Since it’s a multilingual website that adapts to our client’s needs in Scandinavia & The US, simply select the respective language within your region for the website to appear in your native speech.

We look forward to hearing from you.