Coveted Crypto Token iFortune Coin Is Now Officially Listed On The LATOKEN Exchange

Summary: iFortune is a profitable cryptocurrency launched by the UK based company destinewood ltd. The token is now available for purchase at the LATOKEN Exchange platform.

London, United Kingdom – iFortune is the Fortune Machine App’s native utility coin that is used for all transactions and other functions within the app, which include trading, staking, mining, maintenance and more. The coin is now officially listed on the famous LATOKEN Exchange crypto trading app, thus boosting the coin’s demand, and making it more accessible to crypto traders from all across the world. Being a BEP20 Token, the iFortune coin has been created on the Binance Smart Chain, which not only gives it a reputable source, but also ensures that transactions are fast and gas fees are kept low.

A spokesperson for the Fortune Machine App made an official press statement, “Here at the Fortune Machine App, we are constantly working on exciting new projects that create immense value for people at every step of the crypto supply chain. Our native currency iFortune is now officially listed on the LATOKEN Exchange, which is a great milestone for our comprehensive ecosystem.”

The spokesperson further added, “Our app offers staking and mining rewards which can be easily cashed at any time. The iFortune coin has a max supply cap of 40 million tokens, which ensures high liquidity and demand at all times.”

With 2 crypto projects currently live, blueprints for more than 16 crypto projects are now ready. The team of developers at the Fortune Machine App is already working on 3 projects, which are nearing completion. The projects include Fortune Game, Fortune Mart, Fortune Investment, Fortune Care and many other  projects that boost the Fortune Machine ecosystem, create employment opportunities and further allow the iFortune coin to be implemented practically for every-day transactions.

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