ClassicSavages on Ethereum Classic

What is a ClassicSavage?

A ClassicSavage is the first original NFT created on ETC. It is an exclusive, mint-able asset. Only 1,000 of these have been created making them the rarest NFT’s built on the Ethereum Classic blockchain. All of these have been hand drawn by a single artist who has taken their time perfecting each NFT. Each collectable includes the ETC logo further promoting the greatness of the blockchain.

Each 1,000 are separated into 4 tiers.

Tier 1: The most exclusive tier containing only 10 collectables with the most detail and on the moon, where ETC will take you. Each collectable comes with both a still image and a GIF. Available for minting at 5 ETC each.

Tier 2: This contains 250 collectables differentiated by accessories. The ClassicSavage in this tier is in his penthouse with the moon in the background from Tier 1. This tier is available for minting at 3 ETC each.

Tier 3: This contains another 250 separated by vest color including a suburban background that shows the penthouse from Tier 2. This tier is available for minting at 2 ETC.

Tier 4: This contains 500 collectables with a safari background showing where the ClassicSavage came from. This tier is available for minting at only 1 ETC making it easily accessible for those who are just joining the NFT community.

Who is the creator behind this project?

This project was created by YouTuber SavageProfits.

Check out for minting your very own collectable.