Changing the Game with Taeler Made

Content Writer, Christine M. Feliciano

The internet has changed lives and society on a global level. Gone are the 9 am-5 pm workdays, when a person would punch in and out. Today influencers and public figures such as Taeler Made work almost exclusively when inspiration comes to fruition at all hours of the day and night. Operations begin at the touch of a button or when her hand gets a hold of needle and thread. Creativity deserves freedom, non-conformities, and courageous expression, but it comes with a price. Taelers subscribers have access to her instantaneously, 24/7 connection to her content, with millions of viewers and thousands of followers. Taeler is a natural with her audience, and her consistent charm and flawlessness help create the illusion that being a social media influencer, business owner and adult entertainer is easy. Although Taeler humbly states, “It is far from easy, take any thought process you had and erase it all she said; I learned the hard way, there wasn’t an instruction manual upon entrance.”