Why Women Are Dressing Like Jellyfish

Who among us has never dreamed of serenely floating through life like a jellyfish—bobbing across time and space without a care in the world because, like a diaphanous, brainless, tentacle-endowed blob, you don’t have the capacity to think about, say, politics or endless to-do lists? And even if you haven’t enjoyed this completely un-bizarre fantasy, surely you can relate to the desire for an incredible, jellyfish-esque lightness of being. Perhaps that is why jellyfish dresses—great, voluminous things that swish and bounce with every step—are so prevalent this summer. Or it could just be that they’re comfortable, versatile and statement-making.

Brands including New York’s Khaite, whose buoyant black iteration is pictured at left; Japan newcomer CFCL, whose computer-developed knit dresses quiver delightfully; and Carolina Herrera, responsible for the marigold number above, are selling such seaworthy styles. And women appreciate the breezy freedom they provide.