The young start-up Peacock accelerates its digital transformation with a new patent

This is Peacock’s second artificial intelligence acquisition in less than two years. With OCR Technology, the startup intends to make its sensors scalable with optical character recognition.

After having bought the trading bot developed by the young Russian Vitalik Muskari and Blackmore, the startup Peacock has just finalized a new acquisition. OCR Technology is the name of this patent filed by a Senegalese-Moroccan tandem of two young developers, which has just been bought by Aurora at $97,000 USD. With this takeover, Peacock hopes to accelerate the digital transformation of its financial platforms.

OCR Technology is a patent specializing in the extraction of characters by artificial intelligence. Created in 2019, by the two IT developers Amadou Fall and Yassine Aziz, this project was basically a solution for a school project. For the moment, Peacock has not wished to disclose the terms of the transaction. The operating license in Europe and America for the technology will be fully migrated to Peacock’s name, according to the press release issued on the occasion of the takeover.

A spokesperson for Peacock said: “We are always on the lookout for how we can move forward as quickly as possible and OCR Technology is adding to what we already have and will allow us to accelerate. our digital transformation “.

The Optical Character Recognition technology will allow Aurora to refine its own process. A few months ago, Aurora already unveiled its “FirstLight Lidar”, a sensor based on Blackmore technology (a company acquired by the startup in May 2019). Aurora plans to use OCR technologies to make this sensor scalable. A spokesperson for the company said: “Now we are going to look to expand our fleet and bring our products to market without an assistant, it has to be smaller and cheaper, but just as powerful.”