Songs By Ruth is trying to encourage women to win the world over, in her music.

Having Complication from Brain surgery she wrote her song, “The Brave” followed by many other singles in the “Songs By Ruth,” collection which are personal Bravery anthem to her. Her discography of songs are singles set to Pop, Americana And Contemporary Christian music.

Songs by Ruth’s latest single, “Bring It On” released on September 10th, 2021. It is deep, raw, emotionally, and uplifting. Like many creators, Ruth uses personal challenges, trials, and trouble to create art. The songs by Ruth collection started as a way to cope with her struggles. Ruth’s collection grew into a medium to empowers others.

In the single “Bring It On,” Ruth finds herself tackling the balance of relationship and responsibility in a woman’s life. Ruth believes not to shy away from life but, “Bring It On.” Women bring love in all they do, and it will show in workmanship! Ruth said: “One just needs a little touch from love.”.

“For the messages in my songs, I took on this project. I’ve fought and lived out the words in my life. Being a minority woman who have over come many difficulties, I know the challenges of women everywhere. My goal is to encourage and to convey a message of hope, that women can be successful regardless of what they are facing.”

Ruth was born in Belize, formerly British Honduras and now resides in the US. She is a former registered nurse, a poet and a lyric writer. She has two published collections of Poems, The Cry Of Our Children and Fantasy Or My reality. She is the Songwriter of the Songs By Ruth Music project and the mind and inspiration behind the music videos.

Songs by Ruth Bring It On is available on most streaming platforms.

The Cry of our Children: Poems by Ruth Andrews Garnes