Roberta Laundrie, Brian Laundrie’s mother, calls 911 on Dog the Bounty Hunter

The family of Brian Laundrie was in contact with police over the weekend — over “Dog the Bounty Hunter.”

When Duane “Dog” Chapman knocked on the front door of the Laundrie family’s North Port, Florida, home on Saturday, mother Roberta Laundrie called 911 rather than answer.

“It’s a shame they wouldn’t speak with us,” Mr. Chapman said Monday. “The police said we were welcome to knock on the door so we did. I wanted to tell the Laundries that our goal is to find Brian and bring him in alive.”

Brian Laurie is officially a “person of interest” in the death of fiancee Gabby Petito, an Instagram influencer whose disappearance while on a camping tour with Mr. Laurie has gripped the nation for weeks.

An arrest warrant has been issued for Mr. Laurie, which accuses him of federal crimes other than homicide.

According to Fox News, police were already in the immediate area when Mrs. Laundrie made the call about Mr. Chapman’s knocks.

“The female, Roberta … called in on 911,” a dispatcher is heard saying on a radio recording that emerged Monday, adding that the caller “referenced a situation with the male.”

Mr. Chapman told Fox News that he already had spoken with North Port police when he went onto the Laundrie family’s property.

North Port Police Public Information Officer Josh Taylor confirmed the call and said the department handled it routinely.

“We’ve been called to the house numerous times for all sorts of issues: media, protesters, celebrity searchers,” he said. “If the family calls and is concerned, we will respond like we would for anyone.”

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