Incompetent Democrats now blaming Americans for their mess

It was inevitable. So desperate to deflect responsibility for the disaster leftist policies are vomiting up onto American society, the only thing liberals can do now is blame us for the calamity they have caused.

The supply chain catastrophe, the empty shelves across America, and the chaos unfolding in service industries are all now the fault of spoiled, clingy Americans.

Jeff Bezos’ blog, colloquially known as The Washington Post, launched the new narrative that everything is fine except for whining, selfish Americans. A columnist called Micheline Maynard insists the solution for that problem is for American consumers to lower their expectations.

“Time for some new, more realistic expectations,” she writes. The problem is, we simply need to get used to “inconvenience.”

The Soviets did that really well. It looks like the left has a new model for us!  

Ms. Maynard leans on an Atlantic article also blaming the American consumer for what our ‘experts’ have foisted upon us, “For generations, American shoppers have been trained to be nightmares. … The pandemic has shown just how desperately the consumer class clings to the feeling of being served.” 

We’ve gone from deplorable, racist, White supremacist terrorists to whiny, scary, clingy, selfish shoppers. Just like “climate change,” we are the perfectly malleable distraction for whatever the latest Democratic indoctrination requires.

The Reader’s Digest version of this new and desperate Democratic Party narrative is easily reduced to, “Just shut up and take it.” This has been the sentiment of idiot leftists and their enablers the world over for generations. When incompetence and malevolence result in predictable and obvious disasters, just blame the victim! You know, it’s like we all tripped and were rude enough to fall onto the Democrats’ knife.  

Our current Biden debacle of a lack of workers, debilitated ports, scores of cargo ships stranded off the east and west coast of America, and inflation across every sector, including food, housing, energy, are not the result of “the pandemic,” they are the unnatural result of disastrous decision making by human beings. These are the tiny tyrants who don’t care enough to think about the harmful impact of their irrationality or do think about it and get excited.

Vaccine mandates, implemented by the federal government on sectors they control, and a public pressure campaign encouraging private business to do the same, is resulting in firings, layoffs, and mass resignations. Whether it be nurses and others in the medical field, law enforcement throughout the country, our military, the service industry, restaurants, pubs, etc., Americans are being convinced that going to work is complicated, political, invasive, and even dangerous.  
The Biden administration talking points sure have made the rounds amongst the Journo-list class. The Washington Post screed is getting a lot of attention, but it’s not a one-off fever dream. Axios couldn’t wait to blame the unwashed hoi-polloi for what the establishment is doing to us. Their headline? “Unruly customers threaten economic recovery.” They want you to know that “increasingly violent and combative customers” are causing workers to quit, making the workplace something to avoid, ergo making the economic recovery more difficult. It’s not the Biden administration causing all this damage, it’s you complainers about what Mr. Biden is doing that’s the problem. So just shut up and take it!

It is a remarkable lack of empathy infecting everyone determined to keep the Democrats protected from the results of their incompetence. White House press secretary Jen Psaki, one should know that it is her job to at least make it appear as though the White House cares about what’s going on, decided that that just wasn’t important anymore.

When she was asked about the supply chain disaster that continues to unfold, impacting the delivery of all manner of consumer goods, Ms. Psaki decided to mock the situation.

“The tragedy of the treadmill that’s delayed” was her immediate, snarky reaction. It is also a reminder of how completely out of touch every single person involved with the Biden administration truly is.

For some reason, the Democrats and their media enablers have devolved into a gang that comfortably enjoys ridiculing and mocking anyone expressing concern about the increasingly frightening and challenging condition of American life that the bureaucracy itself has created. Funny how that works.
The United States is the economic engine of the world. To accept the collapse of our economy and industry due to feckless little bureaucrats and self-important politicians condemns the world as a whole to inevitable economic and social collapse. Only Americans can stop that from happening. And we can, just like how we stopped the world from destroying itself twice over in the 20th century due to the same cancerous machinations of men and women who also didn’t give a damn about the aftermath of their madness. 

• Tammy Bruce, the author, host at Fox Nation, and contributor at Fox News is a radio talk-show host.

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