Four anti-Biden ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ songs reach iTunes top 10

The number of songs called “Let’s Go Brandon” rising to the top of the charts has doubled in a matter of days.

As of Thursday, there were four anti-Biden rap anthems called “Let’s Go Brandon” on the iTunes top 10 U.S. music chart, as shown on PopVortex, twice the number of Brandon-themed songs that had reached the top 10 on Monday.

“Let’s Go Brandon” by Bryson Gray (featuring Tyson James & Chandler Crump) kept its lock on the number-one spot, while three versions linked to rapper Loza Alexander held the second, fifth and sixth slots on the iTunes Top 10 Music Charts USA.

At number two was Mr. Alexander’s “Let’s Go Brandon (extended version),” followed by British superstar Adele’s “Easy on Me” and “Fancy Like” by country star Walker Hayes.

After that: More Brandon. Coming in at number five was a Loza Alexander remix called “Let’s Go Brandon” by Godz Child, followed by Mr. Alexander’s original “Lets Go Brandon.”

The Florida-based rapper Godz Child was the latest to crack the top 10 with a song that dubs his own lyrics over Mr. Alexander’s catchy background loop.

Hustle Weekly reported that the Godz Child version had gone “viral on TikTok.”

On the iTunes list of top downloaded rap and hip-hop songs, the dominance was even greater: “Brandon” dominated the top five, with the fifth position taken by a “Let’s Go Brandon” record by Topher, D.Cure & the Marine Rapper.

The songs are riffs on a rallying cry that took off after an NBC NASCAR reporter said on the air Oct. 2 that a Talladega crowd was chanting “Let’s go, Brandon” in honor of winning driver Brandon Brown, although the video shows that fans were actually yelling “F—- Joe Biden.”

“Let’s go, Brandon” has since become a euphemism for Biden foes, inspiring the #LetsGoBrandonChallenge in which Biden foes post on social media examples of people using the phrase.

Rep. Bill Posey, Florida Republican, said “Let’s go, Brandon” last week in a House floor speech. Sen. Ted Cruz, Texas Republican, and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott have both tweeted the hashtag.

Both the G-rated and R-rated chants have become popular at sporting events, particularly college football games, and protests.

Mr. Gray’s record rose to the top even though he said his song was banned by YouTube for “medical misinformation,” an apparent reference to his anti-vaccine lyrics, and TikTok.

“Update: Tik Tok just banned my ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ song from their platform,” he tweeted Thursday. “No explanation. No email. No anything. Whoa.”

Both Mr. Gray and Mr. Alexander wear red Trump-themed caps in their videos. Mr. Gray’s says “Make America Great Again,” and Mr. Alexander’s says, “Make Music Great Again.”

The Gray version includes the lyrics: “Let’s go, Brandon, and it’s clear that man a wreck/Let’s go, Brandon, now the Taliban a threat.”

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