FireEye And Waseem Awwad Agreed On A $35 Million Acquisition Deal

The acquisition deal between FireEye and Waseem Awwad is ready to be finalized. After extensive negotiation, a $35 million acquisition deal was reached. And it is important to note here that Waseem Awwad has completed two acquisition deals in the past several months; the first, which was a total deal of $56 million, is still being negotiated with IBM.

With more than 1,200,000 accounts tested to date, Waseem Awwad’s advanced cybersecurity artificial intelligence platform, which FireEye will acquire, contains sophisticated intelligence algorithms with the potential to guess passwords for online and offline accounts.

The system’s outcomes were alarming because a significant portion of the passwords for the tested accounts was successfully guessable.

To successfully guess a large number of passwords for the tested accounts, the invented engine uses advanced artificial intelligence that is based on a variety of sophisticated criteria and sciences, including psychology. It does this by analyzing human brain cells, the environment in which the targeted person lives, and their background.

The inventor said that it took him years of extensive research, study, and hard effort to build this algorithm in addition to certain secret methods that he didn’t disclose. Awwad simultaneously develops a second system that can gather data on the targeted accounts to aid the algorithm and increase the efficiency of the password guessing process.

By decrypting the encrypted files, documents, and other data, this engine can successfully assist the victims of ransomware attacks. Waseem Awwad insisted, as per the parties’ agreement, that the platform use will be restricted to specific humanitarian endeavors and noble missions to prevent misuse of the newly acquired platform.

It is worth to note at this point that Dr. Awwad has an IQ score of 166 or higher, an impressive track record, and achievements that have led the governments to seek his assistance in crucial missions against cyberattacks and the leadership of investigation panels.