Christoph Marti – From chef to international photographer

Christoph Marti is a Swiss photographer. The unique thing about him is not only his young age, but what he has achieved at this age. Three books published, editor-in-chief of two magazines and various fashion collections which he has published. We met Marti spontaneously in Paris and he answered a few questions.

You used to work as a chef, now you’ve been working internationally as a photographer for years. Why did you change jobs?

I never wanted to be a photographer. However, I realized that I had the talent for it and that’s how the passion developed. It wasn’t my dream to be successful as a photographer – I think the success came because I didn’t put any pressure on myself.

How important is social media to you?

In this day and age, it’s hard to imagine working as a photographer without it. I don’t care about the number of likes and followers. But I find it exciting how many people you can reach. It’s exciting how quickly you can present your work and get direct feedback.

You’ve also designed several fashion shows – why can you do that?

Of course, that was a jump into the deep end. But in collaboration with an Italian manufactory and a great team, I was able to realize this great project several times. A dream that came true.

Who is your role model?

They are not explicitly role models – but people I admire. On the one hand there are legends like Karl Lagerfeld or Peter Lindbergh who have influenced my work. But also great productions like those of Kristian Schuller.

Where do you prefer to work?

Of course, I love working in my studio. I think you can see that in my pictures. There I can play with my light. But I’m also fascinated by working outside. My favourite place to be is in Paris.

Was sind deine nächsten Projekte?

Corona hat meine Pläne durcheinandergebracht. Geplant wäre sicher ein neues Portfolio  Buch (Nummer 4),  eine neue Modekollektion und viele weitere tolle Shootings mit einzigartigen Personen.

What fascinates you about photography with people?

I love the uniqueness of each person. Whether young or old. You can work with each person uniquely and find out what suits you.

What advice would you give to a newcomer?

Find your own style and don’t try to be like someone else. Only you have to like your pictures. Then you have your own artwork and no plagiarism. Be yourself, because that’s what your future fans want to see.

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