Alyssa Milano calls on Netflix to pull Dave Chappelle special: ‘No room for any hate speech’

Alyssa Milano called for the censorship of Dave Chappelle’s new special and says the Black comedian needs to personally hear from the people who “were hurt by it.”

The actress-turned-activist said Netflix ought to pull “The Closer,” because cancel culture is “really important to hold people accountable” for bad thoughts and words.

Ms. Milano spoke against Mr. Chappelle’s show, which has been denounced for “transphobia” and provoked a walkout by Netflix employees Wednesday, while walking down the street in Washington after a demonstration.

“I think there’s no room for any hate speech right now in America,” Ms. Milano told a photographer in a video posted by Fox News, before adding that Mr. Chappelle must be confronted personally.

“I think Netflix should pull the special, and Dave should actually sit down and have a conversation with people from the community so that they can tell him why they were hurt by it,” said the actress best known for “Charmed” and “Who’s the Boss.”

When Ms. Milano is asked whether “cancel culture” or “this environment of political correctness” will damage the entertainment industry, she doubled down on her comments.

“I think it’s really important to hold people accountable,” she answered.

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