The litigation began in an unprecedented action by a mother who believed in the judicial system backed by attorney Mit Winter, Kennyhertz Perry Attorneys, which backfired. JK Dickinson is fighting the litigation filed against her with a CounterClaim. She faces four attorney’s career experts at Kennyhertz Perry Attorneys at Law, the three-team litigator’s Horn Aylward & Band, LLC., who represent them, and Sports Law Expert Mit Winter.

JK Dickinson hired Mit Winter, an attorney who boasts his ‘Unique Sports Law Brand’ which backfired after learning that although he signed a letter to represent JK Dickinson, in a personal injury matter, where her son almost died on a training field, Mit Winter did not have personal injury experience.

CoFounders Braden Perry-John Kennyhertz, and Firm Manager Kelly Garriety Bieri, refused to discuss the allegations against their contract employee, Mit Winter, disregarding the Letter of Engagement/Contract signed by JK Dickinson. Further, John Kennyhertz denied the claims and told client JK Dickinson, her invoices were due and payable. After client JK Dickinson did not sign a waiver/settlement agreement presented by Kennyhertz Perry, LLC., dismissing all allegations against Sports Law attorney Mit Winter, and the firm Kennyhertz Perry Attorneys at Law, Kennyhertz Perry filed a lawsuit against JK Dickinson for unpaid invoice and Breach of Contract.

As I see it, the glitch is that Kennyhertz Perry’s attorney Mit Winter accepted a client’s personal injury matter signing JK Dickinson’s representation in an individual injury case that resulted in JK Dickinson’s son’s near-death collapse on a training field. The International athlete, twenty years old at the time, did not receive a contract from attorney Mit Winter, a fee schedule, nor a scope of practice/representation outline. Interestingly, Attorney Mit Winter signed a contract with JK Dickinson, the International athlete’s mother, but not the athlete.

Sports Law attorney Mit Winter had all the cards in his hand, an unprecedented case in USA’S NCAA history, and did not have the personal injury experience to deliver a settlement based on his email stating ‘as I see it’ – ‘in similar cases’ quoting two University athletes who suffered heat- related illness, hydrated at the hospital, and remained on the collegiate team.

In the case presented to Mit Winter, a highly publicized and recognized expert in Sports Law, a case where the damages were monumentally different than the two cases presented to JK Dickinson after she refused the services of attorney Mit Winter; critical differences in the cases presented by Attorney Mit Winter, leading to $5M and $11.5M, the International NCAA athlete did not return to the University team and did not play competitive sports ever again due to the damages he suffered, attorney Mit Winter, settled the case on behalf of the International Athlete without his knowledge for $212,500.00.

Mit Winter accepted an amount of $212,500.00. And JK Dickinson and her son were forced to accept the offer or face another stressful journey litigating the ‘enforceable’ authorization made by Sports Attorney Mit Winter to include further billing and hourly financial commitments. The amount Sports Law Attorney Mit Winter accepted without permission did not cover his signed player offer from FIFA AGENT Morris Pagnielli for $580,000.00, the full-ride scholarship estimated at $160,000.00 – $180,000.00, or the out-of-pocket medical bills of approximately $150,000.00.

Will Pro se litigant JK Dickinson get her day in court with the jury trial she requested or will the judicial system unknown to JK Dickinson bury her due to the unknowelgable case law details that govern the State of Kansas? Only time will tell. A jury trial is scheduled in the matter on April 13th, 2024, for five days.

Watch the litigation continue in these two cases in Johnson County Civil Court. Disciplinary investigations are underway in Kansas, Missouri and California, filed against Mit Winter, also known as Milton Shipman Winter IV, in this matter.